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Slytherin Pennant Sword Cut

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Slytherin Pennant Sword Cut

Slytherin sword cut pennant satin fabric will add another beauty to where you hang it with its special swallow cut and 30 cm x 75 cm feature. slytherin streamer With this, the unfinished accessory of your home will be complete.

Slytherin Pennant Sword Cut Product Features

Size : 30cm x 75cm

Cut : Special Sword Cut

Material : 100% Satin Fabric

Comes with Waving Stick.

Our product is Officially Licensed by Warner Bros.

Slytherin Selected Cunning and Ambitious Students

Founded by Salazar Slytherin, Slytherin is one of the four houses at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. When Salazar Slytherin founded the house, he asked the Sorting Hat to select students with a few traits he valued most. These features are; It was cunning, resourcefulness, leadership and ambition. The colors were green and grey. These colors also corresponded to the lakes and the water around the lakes. It is usually green and silver is often associated with gray rainwater.

There were two important professors in the house. These; Horace Slughorn, who served as building professor for two terms, and Severus Snape, was the building professor. The symbolic animal of the building was the snake, its colors were green and silver. The guardian ghost of the house was the Bloody Baron.

Slytherin Students Gathered Around the Leader

In Western European mythology, snakes were commonly associated with seas and lakes. Snakes roughly correspond to the water element because they are physically fluid and flexible animals. Likewise, in Celtic mythology, water is seen as a gateway to another world. Leading some to speculate that this element was chosen simply to symbolize many Slytherins' hope for a pure-blood community.

Many Slytherin students further exemplify Slytherin's ambitious qualities. They tend to come around a leader. Examples of these include Draco Malfoy's gang and the Death Eaters. The founder placed great value on purebred students and gave them preference. The Sorting Hat acknowledged that this could have been a factor in the classification. However, in that house Muggle A born student is quite rare.