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Wizarding World Harry Potter Gift Box Hufflepuff

by Waboba
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Hufflepuff Building Box Digital Edition

Hufflepuff House Box Everything Hufflepuff

Hufflepuff, It is one of the four units of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Medieval witch Helga Hufflepuff is the founder of the school. Hufflepuff required hard work, dedication and patience in its members rather than specific talent. We wouldn't be wrong if we say that it was the most inclusive of the four buildings that valued loyalty and fair play. His symbolic animal was a badger. The colors of the house were yellow and black. The Head of Hufflepuff was Pomona Sprout. The Fat Monk was also the guardian ghost of the building.

Hufflepuff Building Box Digital Edition

Box : Special lacquer print, durable and with fabric string

Material : Hard Cardboard Coating

Printing : High Quality HD Digital Printing, Gold Gilding and lacquer printing

Our product is original and licensed by Warner Bros.